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Adore Me

About the pitch

Pitching against 5 other agencies,

Virtue (VICE Media's advertising arm) approached me to help them become the  AOR for this femme-focused lingerie brand. 

With a strategy around embodying joy, my partner and I concepted brand level creative with supporting campaign ideas. We brought the client two directions to the pitch — ultimately winning this new piece of business.

CD/CW: Emily Luedecke

CD/AD: Laura Dickie

Platform One

Lingerie has long been associated with special occasions. We wear it to celebrate birthdays, Valentine's Day, anniversaries. Then relegate it to the back of our underwear drawer. 

As a lingerie brand with a unique subscription offering, Adore Me was uniquely positioned to give its wearers a way to embody their joy, any day and every day.

Platform Two

Sex isn’t taboo. It’s everywhere. Femme bodies, everywhere, put on display. The thing that is so often kept out of sight is the pure, unfettered, unadulterated experiences of real women.

For this concept, we wanted to change that.  To fully embrace the many expressions of pleasure and reveal what has so often been hidden – our sheer joy.

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