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Capital One

B2B, but make it human

As a challenger brand, Capital One wanted to reach small business owners to promote its Spark Business card. I provided Creative Direction and was the lead creative for all video shoots, which were shot in 6 different cities over 2 weeks. I personally interviewed each small business owners, and oversaw all aspects of storytelling during production.

I was also the Creative Director for the final anthem video, which we only had two weeks to ideate, script, and edit together. This final video was an additional piece of business which I was responsible for bringing to the agency due to my work on the earlier portions of the campaign.

Small Business Anthem Spot

Is this a loud, bombastic, overstatement? Yes.

Does it play a little like a knockoff athletic brand? Yes.

Did the client ask for a track that sounded like Imagine Dragons? Also yes.

Did they love the final result? Absolutely.

Farmgirl Flowers


Happy Howie's

Branson Zipline

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